Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Liberty's Law Nears 1,300 Online Supporters.

By Tim Enloe;

Liberty's Law, the proposed ordinance to protect horses from abuse and harassment, now stands at 1,293 online petition signatures and over 500 facebook friends. With more aggressive marketing in the near future, support will continue to grow.

The goal of Liberty's Law is simple; to protect horses from abuse and harassment via education and enforcement.

Liberty's Law is named after a horse who was born on Bethany road in 1982. In recent years, she has been shot with paint balls,fireworks have been shot at her and above her pastures, she has been screamed at, and engines have been revved to scare her; all by the same offenders. The end result is a horse terrified to graze in the pastures she took her first breaths in.

Even with eyewitness, video, and physical evidence, the City of Milton did nothing to the offenders; not even a warning. One council member refused to support Liberty's Law if her name was in the proposed ordinance while another suggested removing Liberty from the property.

While the City of Milton Georgia's website houses over ten images on it's official website, both council and staff have been defiant in allow Liberty's Law to be presented. Such silence begs a question as to where a city that promotes images of horses and uses "rural" claims on a regular basis is more about image than substance.

You can support Liberty's Law by signing the petition and encouraging others to do so. Together, we can protect the beautiful horses from abuse and harassment!


Anonymous said...

It is an injustice if Liberty was traumatized. However, this sounds like an isolated event since there was only one horse affected and one offender. Should there really be a new ordinance/law? This is a personal situation that should be further investigated if Liberty is continuing to be harmed.

The overzealous advertising of this proposed law seems nonsensical, and I can not imagine that any logical person who has investigated the situation would attach his or her name to it. This is not a widespread problem and therefore does not call for a huge overhaul of the ordinance/law.

Anonymous said...

Post 4:43 AM,
You are wrong.

Anonymous said...

No Tim aka anonymous! I'm right

Anonymous said...

Post 6:47 PM. You are wrong again.

Tim Enloe said...

Sorry for the delay; been very busy as of late.

First, rest assured that should I choose to comment online, I place my name and phone number.

IF Liberty was the only horse to be abused and harassed, it would be a beautiful world. Unfortunately, that is NOT the case.

Misty was simply grazing in her pastures and she was shot with arrows. Then there is Rocks and Lucky; both shot with a high powered rifle with only Lucky surviving the attack. Locally, there was a horse that was boarded on Dorris road that broke it's neck after being tramautized by illegal fireworks. Then there the young Stallion Bo out of the Carolinas who was shot in the gut. He slowly bled out and died over a course of hours. All acts due to cowards who have nothing else better to do.

Amber's Alert is by no means focused on the horrific loss of just one child via a monster; but on many who have suffered such a horrible fate. Amber's family will never be the same but that have done a most courageous thing by turning the loss of their daughter into something that will protect others.

While there is no comparison between the loss of a child vs animal protection, Liberty's Law focus is the same. Turning the pain and torture these beautiful animals endure into something good.

I would like to present Liberty's Law to you over a lazy lunch or dinner on my dime. It is far more about promoting understanding via education that fines and jail time.

I am also happy to discuss the city's "investigation" of abuse against Liberty when we meet as well...

Finally,while you choose not to support Liberty's Law at this time, rest assured our resolve is clear. We will not stop our campaign until Liberty's Law is on the books across the state. Each day more and more support and discussion is coming about due to the Liberty's Law proposal. That, in itself, is a good thing.


Tim Enloe
770 653 0552
In c

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the above post. My family is grateful that you are an outstanding citizen with determination to protect these beautiful animals. We will stand with you.