Sunday, February 16, 2014

**Liberty's Law Alert**

A Black Jeep Wrangler similar to the one in this stock photo was seen harassing horses on Bethany Road.


This past Saturday, February 15th at approximately 8am, a black Jeep Wrangler with leather top and large off road tires was witnessed on Bethany road honking their horn in an attempt to harass two senior horses.

City council and staff have been notified.

Cowardly and ignorant acts against horses are increasing every year. By supporting Liberty's Law, you can help protect the beautiful horses from abuse and harassment!


Anonymous said...

City council has been notified because someone honked on a road. Good use of resources and time.

Tim Enloe said...

Interesting comment.

Lets see:

1. Council hires a psychologist right after incorporation to help them "get along."

2. Council utilizes city attorney spending countless taxpayer dollars to discuss the gating of a public road; a discussion that is still going on to this day.

3. Council agrees to spend over $800 each Christmas to hire a Santa instead of asking any number of good Milton Men to take on the role as a volunteer; saving citizens money in the process.

4. And I send a simple cost free email to council and staff alerting them to yet more cowards harassing horses and the need for Liberty's Law and you have issue.


Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...

We support you Tim and the need for Liberty's Law.