Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wonderful Gesture By Two Young Men & CBS Atlanta

Forward by / Courtesy Mike Paluska / CBSATLANTA

Thanks to these two wonderful young men, this horse is going to have a chance. They are truly heroes. Many thanks to CBS Atlanta as well

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CBS Atlanta 46

CBS Atlanta 46

MCDONOUGH, GA (CBS ATLANTA) - The man who calls himself the urban cowboy, Brannu Fulton, went to rescue a horse and found a blood trail instead.

A man looking to save an injured colt showed up at the CBS Atlanta News parking lot for help Tuesday night.

Brannue Fulton, who trains wild horses, said he was called to pick up the colt by a man could no longer care for it.

The trail led to a 2-year-old Colt who had impaled himself on a metal fence post. The rod went into the horse's body more than a foot deep.

"When it happened, it was shocking," Fulton said. "It looked like it was going to be very expensive. I didn't know what to do. I was like 'should I leave him here?' And when he ran off I thought - I didn't think I'd be able to catch him."

After catching the horse they loaded him into a trailer and Fulton drove to CBS Atlanta News. Knocking on our outside windows he told us the story and asked if we could help. After making a few phone calls a vet agreed to give the horse some antibiotics and check for internal bleeding.

"If he punctured any organs, within a few days, if it did, he will get really sick and I will be able to tell," Fulton said. "But, he doesn't think it did, and he was very lucky to survive because of how deep it is."

Fulton said he took the horse off of an acquaintance who could no longer care for the animal. Fulton did not anticipate he would now be forced to nurture this horse back to health. But, it's a task he has no problem doing.

"Horses saved me," Fulton said. "The horse for me just does something spiritual. This horse would be an example for kids that have been injured and people that have ever been injured - that as long as you are around good people, whatever you go through, you can be saved."

Fulton currently cares for 12 horses and can be seen riding them through the streets of Atlanta. His Facebook page, Brannu Paint Academy, has information on his work in the community.

On Wednesday, the horse was a lot more social and appeared to be healing from his wounds. Fulton gave the horse a bath, medicine and worked to build a fence to keep the horse corralled.

Fulton said he is going to show the horse a lot of love and train with him every day.

"That's what we do, we ride not just to look cool, we ride because we love animals, the cowboy culture and we want to encourage the image of the cowboy culture," Fulton said. "The cowboy is in your heart."

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