Monday, July 22, 2013

Milton launches Citizens Government Academy series.

Courtesy Jonathan Copsey; The Milton Herald

July 22, 2013

MILTON, Ga. - The City of Milton recently launched a monthly, video-on-demand Citizens Government Academy hosted through the city's YouTube page.

In the short videos, Communications Manager Jason Wright discusses topics pertinent to Milton residents, including the city's history, its government structure and how it budgets.

Installments will eventually cover virtually every aspect of the city's municipal operations, including sections reserved for hot topics that arise throughout the project. The aim, said Wright, is for busy residents to engage with and learn about government on their terms, away from City Hall and public meetings.

"My hope is that these videos will help take away the mystique of municipal government," said Wright. "There's a well-deserved perception that government, no matter the size or level, is a monolithic, difficult entity -- and at the City of Milton, we are trying to separate ourselves from that perception."

For more information on the series, or to suggest a topic for discussion, contact Wright at 678-242-2523 or

This article appeared in the July 25 issue of the Milton Herald.

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