Saturday, July 06, 2013

Liberty's Law About More Than Just Milton, Georgia.

Numerous arrows were shot into Misty. Today, she is still in constant pain.

by Tim Enloe;

As Liberty's Law continues to gain traction, many have come forward with questions.

One in particular is whether Liberty's Law is just about one situation or more. While the ongoing abuse and harassment that a local Milton Georgia horse has endured was the spark, Liberty's Law is meant to enforce and enhance protection for all horses through education and understanding.

Horses like Misty out of Fayetteville, GA. She was shot with four arrows a couple of years back by a local teen. All this coward received was a slap on the wrist. Today, she is still in constant pain due to an arrow head lodged to close to her spine to be removed.

Then there is Lucky & Rocks; both shot by a high powered rifle in Hall County. Rocky was hit five times in the heart and died instantly; while Lucky was indeed "lucky" with having bullets going through her neck, thankfully surviving the attack.The guilty party is still at large.

Many citizens have dogs, but don't have horses. What you would do to an individual that shot your dog with paint balls, screamed at and reved engines to scare him, and shot fireworks into his yard over the course of years with no penalty by the system?

Would you write it off as the offenders "just being kids" or would you feel like Liberty's Law supporter Ann Green out of Hiram Ga? On the Liberty's Law online petition, Mrs. Green states "If nobody handles animal abuse such as what's happening here, it will escalate until someone takes matters into their own hands and someone will get hurt. I know if my horses were mistreated like this and I had a careless sheriff's office, it would not end there."

Milton Georgia has a great opportunity to lead by example for the entire state. They can support Liberty's Law by allowing it presented, inacted,
and enforced; truly putting action behind the image they claim to profess.

Or they can continue to treat the horse as the ferris wheel of Milton; only there for some bragging rights and a quick ride and photo op. Those who make the city truly unique will eventually tire of this facade and look for greener pastures.

With over ten images of horses on the city's website, that choice lies within your Milton Georgia city council.

*Many thanks to For The Love Of A Horse For their support and ongoing promotion of Liberty' Law.

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