Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fireworks to blame for death of Milton horse.

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Courtesy Greg Dingrando; CBS Atlanta


Fireworks are being blamed for the death of a horse in Milton, and one owner is pushing for a new law to make sure it doesn't happen again.

He's calling it Liberty's Law, named after his current horse he said has suffered years of abuse from neighbors, including the use of fireworks.

Horse owner Tim Enloe said Liberty used to roam the pasture night and day, but now she spends nearly all of her time in the garage right next to the house.

"She's going to be scared for the rest of her life on the very property she took her first breath at because of abuses by some local kids," said Enloe.

Abuse he said he has video of everything from kids yelling at her to fireworks found in the pasture where she should be grazing.

And that's just his horse.

Just a few weeks ago, on the Fourth of July, a horse in the same community was spooked so badly inside its barn that it ran into a wall and broke its own neck.

It's something Enloe said Liberty's Law possibly could have prevented.

"If Liberty's Law had been presented and enforced, who's to say that the horse who died recently might still be alive," said Enloe.

Liberty's Law aims to punish those committing abuse and educate the community on how to act around horses.

Enloe said he's tried to present his ideas to the city but claims he's been blocked.
Mayor Joe Lockwood said that's just not the case. He said he has personally met with Enloe and so has a few of the council members.

Lockwood said he doesn't really see the need for it because there are laws that already punish abusers.
"It's not necessary to take the existing laws and make another law with someone's name on it just to bring attention to one specific case," said Lockwood.

So why hasn't there been an arrest in the abuse against Liberty?

"We have probably got a file this thick of hundreds of hours detectives have put in on this case, and they can't come up with anything that would sustain a charge," said Lockwood.

Liberty's Law may be far from actually becoming a reality, but Enloe said he's not giving up.

To learn more about Liberty's Law and to sign a petition to show support, go to


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable you said this mayor!!

Anonymous said...

Joe, Why has the "existing laws" failed to protect Liberty?

Anonymous said...

Yes there have been meetings, many meetings with you and council members. You were made aware of what was happening in 2009. When asked if this harassment and animal cruelty occurred across from your property with the boarded horses, how long do you think people would continue to lease the barn space? Your answer was "total silence" - NOTHING!