Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Traffic Issues Spawned from Redistricting?


Numerous emails have been recieved regarding commutes for the first two days of school.

It was well publicized this past year that some might be affected by redistricting with the biggest concern being potential traffic issues.

The screen capture above showcases a severe back up at Birmingham going towards Providence from earlier today with the eventual destination for many being Birmingham Falls Elementary. According to this resident, "It was a parking lot at 7:30 am..."

Some believe that this snarl is a result of the new traffic pattern headed towards Cambridge High School.


This picture was taken by a carpool parent stuck in the left hand turn lane, southbound on Birmingham Hwy, trying to enter into BHFES. The view is looking southbound bumper to bumper traffic at 7:30 am today, from the school to Providence Road.


Travis Allen said...

Confused as to where this picture was taken? Birmingham going towards Providence with the destination as Birmingham Falls? Huh?

Travis Allen said...

thx for the update, makes sense now

Anonymous said...

Traffic is horrible trying to get in an out of BFES every morning! But that is nothing new, it has been that way since the school opened. It is extremely difficult to turn left out of the school; they need a crossing guard/cop out there in the morning but the principle won't spend the money to make that happen.