Friday, August 03, 2012

Firefighters train for technical rescues.


For the past few months, you might have noticed Milton firefighters receiving training in the use of specialized ropes, knots and other technical rescue hardware.

While incidents requiring this kind of specialized training occur relatively infrequently, eventually firefighters will assist in removing patients from ditches, ravines, towers and multi-story buildings. The skills will also be used in the privately-funded Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue unit's operations, which often include the use of ropes and pulleys to move animals.

Additionally, these skills can also be used in stabilizing overturned vehicles, moving heavy equipment on fire scenes, and conducting rescue operations from the roof or upper floors of a burning residence. Internally, the training increases firefighter safety during ladder operations where ropes and knots provide the means of ensuring that no one is injured or killed in a fall.

Upon completion, Milton's fire department will receive national certification in the skills.

For more information on the City of Milton Fire Department, click here.

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