Monday, August 06, 2012

Milton cuts ribbon on Cogburn Road Bridge.


Members of Milton’s City Council and staff joined residents Aug. 3 in cutting the ribbon to open the Cogburn Road bridge, which has been closed since May.

The Milton Public Works Department reminds drivers that sidewalk construction will continue on the shoulders even though the road will open at 4 p.m. Please use extreme caution in the work zone.

For more information on the bridge project, contact Angie Kapijimpanga, Public Works citizen responder, at 678-242-2562 or


Anonymous said...

will cogburn rd get a new sign paid for by the taxpayers like many of the others that were replaced? WHY on earth did we have to purchase new street signs when the old ones were perfectly fine. I bet no one even noticed the difference except the guy who got the contract to make/change them out. The grave yard for the old ones is sad -- all those signs just strewn about down the road behind the firestation off Birmingham Rd. Did our Milton people vote for this rediculous expense?

Anonymous said...

uh...what are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

uh -- see - you didnt even notice! Several road/street signs were replaced from solid green with white letters to white bordered green signs with white letters. Yep, nothing wrong with the solid green ones but they are all just in a heap pile on some Milton gov property behind a structure. WASTE OF MONEY!!!!!!