Saturday, July 02, 2011

Support your local businesses.

As a small business owner I can relate with the tough times a lot of our business owners are experiencing.

We’ve heard on the news that the “Great Recession,” as its being called, ended in June 2009 (even though I’m not in the room, I can almost hear your groan). But those are just numbers being crunched by the people who crunch them. Anyone who owns a business can tell you it’s still going and the tough times are probably far from stopping completely. But there’s certainly light at the end of the tunnel.

I know personally I’ve seen things pick up slightly, and I’ve heard from others in businesses across all sectors that it’s slowly getting better. In Milton, we’ve responded by working even harder with our businesses toward success.

I know we’re not going to please everyone with our position or the way we accomplish this mission. But we’ve got to fight for our local businesses to keep this city strong, and we’ve got to protect what makes us unique. We’ve got to keep those store fronts on Ga. 9, at the Birmingham Crossroads and in Crabapple profitable, and if nothing else, viable. This city is a living thing, and if we lose this vital part of our support system, we could wither and die.

So now I’m going to ask for your help. Please support our great local business owners. Eat in our restaurants – we’ve got a great selection that includes pretty much anything you could ever want. Shop in our local stores – be they chain or mom and pop. Procure services from our local providers – building these relationships is what makes life great. Every bit helps, and I’m sure you’ll be proud you stuck close to home once you start to see these efforts paying off.

If you’ve got ideas on how Milton can sustain these entrepreneurs while protecting what makes us the beautiful jewel of North Fulton, come see me. If you are looking for ideas on how to make your city better, stronger and more welcoming to everyone, whether they are businesses or residents, come see me. My door is always open, and so is City Hall. We’re here to serve you, and would love to hear from you.

Mayor Joe Lockwood


Anonymous said...

Joe, enjoyed reading your post on supporting local businesses. This should also apply to hiring Tim Enloe as out next parks director. Not only, as you state, "to fight for our local businesses to keep this city strong" but to employ a citizen that has proven his devotion and committment to Milton. He is the best candidate for the city. Do what is right Joe.

Denise said...

Very helpful blog for local business.I really enjoy to read it.Thanks for sharing.