Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kokopelli Bakery & Cupcakes Opens In Milton Georgia!

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MILTON - As Crabapple continues to figure out what it wants to be, another new business has opened it's doors at the busy crossroads.

Kokopelli Bakery & Cupcakes now sits next to Just for Giggles across the street from the Olde Blind Dog Irish Pub.

This bakery offers an assortment of goodies to satisfy even the sweetest tooth. Fresh deli sandwiches, cheesecake, cupcakes, and various types of coffee keep this bakery's door swinging!

So if you happen to be in Crabapple, why not stop in for a visit at Kokopelli's Bakery and Cupcakes? You will be more than glad you did!


Anonymous said...

Did he pay Access Milton for advertising?

Fred said...

I went to this bakery and was not impressed. The coffee was OK, but the display cases were sparse and the products too expensive. I do hope more businesses get some traction in Crabapple though. Unfortunately, these store fronts are built for foot traffic, and there isn't even contiguous sidewalks to the surrounding neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

I hope he did not pay Access Milton for advertising, since only half his face is showing during the most of the video.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he only paid half price.

Anonymous said...

Well Fred, I have to disagree with you. Kokopelli Bakery & Cupcakes is delightful. Give these people a chance. A fun business to bring a family for that special treat.

Why are there so many people in this city ready to pounce on Acccess Milton? Are comments of 4:30pm, 7:50 pm and 6:13pm really necessary?

Fred said...

I agree on the pouncing on accessmilton. I really enjoy this blog, as it brings a lot of local news to one consolidated place.

I'm not a big bakery person and have nothing against this new place. I just didn't get a good vibe.

We need a family oriented anchor for the intersection. A McAlister's Deli would be great, but they can't get any lunch business in Crabapple.

Anonymous said...

The croissants are wonderful. Give them time to succeed.

Anonymous said...

Kokopelli Bakery is delightful. My daughter is visiting this weekend and hope to treat her at Kokopelli's.

Anonymous said...

Hoping to visit the Milton Market and then head over to Kokopelli's.
Thanks Tim for letting us know all about this new business.