Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Believing In Our Youth - Zack Eller.

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By Tim Enloe;

With the Milton Market rolling into Fall mode after this weekend, Market President Zack Eller has had to step down until next Spring due to school being around the corner.

To say that Zack made this year's market a success is a given as he brought more
creativity and insight than many would have guessed.

I found it very fitting that Zack, not only being a natural born leader but also a very talented baseball player, hit a line drive home run this past week. (Please see the above video for more.) Proof that if given the proper guidance and nurturing, our Milton youth can be successful both on the field and off.

See you next year Zack and keep swinging for the fences!


Anonymous said...

So happy for you Zach. Know your family and team are very proud. Congratulations!!

Tim is right, believing in our youth with encouragement and guidance results in success.

Anonymous said...

Milton High School and the Milton Baseball team are lucky to have him! I know him personally and he is a hard working, amazing young man. Good luck to you Zack in your Junior year!

Anonymous said...

if you know him personally then you would know he doesnt play for mhs baseball

Anonymous said...

Tis amazing - those in charge in this city make awful decisions. This statement covers city hall and mhs. What's so pathetic is not one has the background/qualifications for position held.

Anonymous said...

Terrific job, both on and off the field, Zach!! Your involvement and dedication to your community is inspiring! You "hit it out of the park" with the Milton Market this summer!! Thank you!!! The community of Milton and MHS are incredibly fortunate to have a young leader like you!! Keep up the good work and good luck in your future!!!