Sunday, May 01, 2011

The Beacon declares bankruptcy.

Beleaguered weekly calls it quits.
by Jonathan Copsey / Appen Newspapers

April 26, 2011

ROSWELL, Ga. - Beaconcast Media Companies, the publishing group of The Beacon, a weekly subscription-based newspaper in North Fulton, has declared bankruptcy after four years of publication.

Always combative and feisty and sometimes controversial – some say self-consciously so – the weekly was also innovative with its foray into Webcasting.

The Beacon was launched in 2007 as the "Roswell Beacon" by publisher John Fredericks, a Roswell resident. The paper focused largely on reporting the politics surrounding North Fulton's cities, as well as local news.

"We believed in what we were doing,"
said Fredericks, who ran the company with his wife Anne. "We were determined to make it work. We put our heart and soul into it."
The paper was hit hard by the recession and never recovered,Fredericks said. The final nail in the paper's coffin was a judgment last month against him for several thousand dollars owed to a creditor.

Fredericks declared bankruptcy April 8.

The print edition of the paper will cease publication immediately.

"Any time we lose a member of the media, we all lose something. I am sorry to see this happen," said Ray Appen, publisher of Appen Newspapers.

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Anonymous said...

It was nothing more than a rag....and it's death was long overdue.