Monday, May 02, 2011

New threat system established.


The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has just announced plans to roll out the new National Terrorism Alert System (NTAS), effective April 26.

The NTAS will be replacing the Homeland Security Advisory System which utilized the color codes as indicators of the threat level faced by our nation

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Anonymous said...

Oh for a minute I actually thought the city was taking Access Miltons And bloggers suggestion to get a tornado or severe weather alert warning system in place, the sirens. But alas, we will just have to wait and see ifnthey get w the program. We shouldn't have to rely on or wait on cell towers to have the life saving sirens.
And have they started the home invasion alerts yet as promised?

Anonymous said...

A smart ass living in Milton. Could this be Rhonda?

Anonymous said...

Well I agree with first poster, so there are at least 2 of us living in milton.

Anonymous said...

God help us the rest of us!!

Anonymous said...

Not Rhonda or Rhoda, just someone fed up with the BS spewing out of City Hall. The important issues, the ones that are life changing and life saving go ignored.

The real threat to Milton is a City Council that lacks coconuts. I'd say the threat warning is RED going off the old system!

Anonymous said...

Agree about our ho-hum council with leadership of mayor. But hey, they are good with the pictures taken. Anyone notice the weight gain?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully they won't get picked up for smuggling lard.