Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Milton Farmers Market Comes To Crabapple

Much like the days of old when local farmers would drive their produce to Crabapple for market, the time has come once again.
Starting Saturday, June 27th from 8am to 12 noon, Milton farmers, gardeners, and the like will be selling their goods in the heart of Crabapple. The weekly event will continue through early Fall.
Participants will be setting up shop west of The Olde Blind Dog Irish Pub right across the street from Chateau De Nail.
The property, owned by J.T. Adams of Lodestone Development, offers a perfect venue for a community based market. "We are pleased to give residents the opportunity to purchase locally grown produce in historic Crabapple," Adams recently shared. Ron Wallace, owner of The Olde Blind Dog Irish Pub, concured, "I can't think of a better place in Milton to offer a farmer's market and what a great way to help support those residents who provide much of Milton's rural character."
Milton grown produce available for purchase will include tomatoes, corn, pumpkin, squash, peppers, watermelon, and okra. Other local vendors will offer honey, eggs, and various types of flowers. For more information, contact Ginger Enloe at or direct at 770 653 0551.

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Anonymous said...

Watch out for contraband such as fermented apples.