Thursday, June 18, 2009

Each month, will be honoring a member of Milton's fire
and police departments with recognition along with a Q & A session. These modern day heroes put their lives on the line each and every day to insure that citizens are safe and protected. With that, we are proud to share with you our June 2009 Hero, Milton Police Officer Kelli Collins!

1. Why did you become a police officer?

I wanted to help my community. Additionally, I have been training and working canines with Law Enforcement for sometime. I felt it was a good transition to become an officer.

2. How many years have you been in this profession and where else have you worked?

I graduated from the Academy 6/08. In addition to my law enforcement career, I am self employed and own Georgia K9 National Training Center with my partner Jeff Schettler. I work a narcotics and trailing K9 named Kaos. I also have a degree in Finance and have worked for Atlanta companies The Home Depot and Coca Cola.

3. What has been your proudest moment since becoming a Milton Police Officer?

I enjoy working with and helping the community. I want to focus on the children of the community. After all they are our future.

4. What is your favorite food?

I don’t have a particular favorite, just like most things it depends on my mood. Italian and Mexican rank at the top.

5. What is your favorite movie?

I like just about anything from comedy to horror.

6. Who is your favorite Singer?

I like a lot of different types of music from Jazz to Rock. However, I listen to mostly alternative rock. I can’t stand rap or hip hop.

7. What is your favorite automobile?

Something Sleek. Unfortunately, right now I have to drive a truck to haul all the dogs around.
8. What are your hobbies?

When I have time, which is rarely. I play tennis and snow ski.

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