Friday, October 19, 2007

Press Release / Friday / October 19th / 2007

One person is at the chaotic center of every Milton controversy.

Who is it?
Julie Zahner Bailey is a hard-working activist and community advocate. Regrettably, she cannot transition from activist and advocate to leader and consensus-builder on the council.
Julie Zahner Bailey has been at the chaotic center of every controversy. Talk with other council members and they will quietly tell you that she played a major role in the loss of $850,000 in state revenue this year.

You’ll learn she was behind the drawn-out soap opera over the city manager’s resignation.
Attendees at council meetings will tell you her unwillingness to concede a point is why so many council sessions drag on until the early morning hours.

A year ago, Roger Santi ran for Milton City Council as a leader and consensus-builder. After a year of chaos, those skills are needed on the council more than ever.
This is why we need Roger Santi on the Milton City Council. Roger understands that Milton’s leadership must work together if this community is to reach its potential and preserve its quality of life.

He will put our community’s interests ahead of all others ... and he understands that you can disagree without being disagreeable.

On November 6, Vote Roger Santi ... Milton Council, District 2
Please visit for more information.

Paid for by Citizens for Roger Santi.


Gecko said...

Milton sure has a lot of petty problems. It's hard to believe that so many in Milton deal with their problems like silly high school girls.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine if this guy was on council?

Anonymous said...

This post has lit the fire under my a@@ to get out and talk with my neighbors about what's really going on in our city.
I just got invited over for dinner and margaritas and at the same time landed two more votes for Bailey, Hewitt and Tart.
I should do this more often!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Santi, Thurman, Lusk, O'brien, and Mohrig need to grow up and put their big girl panties on!

Anonymous said...

This ad says a lot about Mr. Santi. The use of a naked child to promote himself? Disgusting.

Anonymous said...

A man as low, despicable and dirty as this cannot be allowed to represent our council. Think of his trade mark 'smirk' and ask if you want that for 4 years on top of his other disgusting attributes.

And equally guilty by their own dirty actions and association are Neal O'Brien and Rick Mohrig - they too are firmly ensconced in the Santi camp... also supported by Council Members Bill Lusk and Karen Thurman (the latter Mayor pro tem I might remind you all...Does that not just conjure up the most horriffic of images?)

Not to mention of course the George Ragsdale's, the Gordon Hunters, The Lynne Riley's, the Jan Jone's, the David Chatham's, The Alpharetta City Council - the list of those with unsavoury agenda's is just endless

We do not need the calibre individual of Roger Santi, Rick Mohrig and Neal O' Brien on the the Council... and we need to tell them that very convincingly on November 6th.

Get the word out people!!!

Anonymous said...

They are all elitists

Anonymous said...

What's really sad is that a consultant is behind his campaigning! Remind me not to hire that child molester!

Anonymous said...

Does this campaign remind you of the one Ragsdale ran against our Mayor?
Maybe we will get the same results this time!!

Anonymous said...

Rick Mohrig's appointed Planning Commissioner does drugs. Great choice Rick! If not, then lets do some drug testing to prove it. Oh, he's been tipped off for a month, so his urine will be clean, and he is bald, so we can't get a hair sample. Convenient. You can have a Senator in our Country resign over feet touching in a men's room, but Milton can't get a volunteer Planning Commissioner to resign when we all know he's been doing drugs. How is that possible? Hopefully when Rick gets removed from office, so will his appointee.

Santi's dirty tactics are going to bite him in the rear end and then he'll have to move out of Milton, Yeah! I hope that's not a picture of Santi's child, that would be sick.

Anonymous said...

Roger Santi, you're such a pig!

Anonymous said...

It does remind me of Ragsdales campaign. You would think they would be smart enough not to hire these people again but bad habits are hard to break I guess.

I am reminded of the lady from the Manors comment in September - Roger there is no room for this in a "polite society."

Anonymous said...

If Santi, Mohrig and O'brien lose the election watch our unrepresentative, MoM, introduce and support legislation to again change City Charter.

The RUTHLESS one is going to have it her way and at the same time teach us a lesson.

Anonymous said...

Santi you need to quit the race due to your nasty tactics. The more I read the garbage that you are putting out in the papers the more I dislike you. Why would anyone vote for you given your smear tactics. They'd have to be as nasty as you to vote for you. I wouldn't vote for you if you were the last man on earth. You wouldn't know "unity" if it hit you upside the head. The way you are lashing out to try and discredit Julie is a clear indication of what kind of person you are and I vote that you step out of the race altogether. You don't represent me, my friends, family, neighbors or this community at all. You do represent and resemble more of the coyotes that prowl around in the night in Milton.

M.C.- Milton Resident

Anonymous said...

Roger, I would stop by Kroger and have them start saving empty boxes for you to use on November 7. This race cannot be over soon enough. You have caused a distraction by your negative tactics. It comes at a price of the city council being able to focus on the needed work of our city government...and at a price of your ability to be elected. Look in a mirror and see the damage you are doing to yourself each time you open your mouth and smear other council candidates.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable bad taste to use an unclothed child in an ad. That alone should make everyone question. We all know who has done the work and who is looking out for the community and its not Santi, O'Brien and Mohrig.

Anonymous said...

The next thing Santi is going to blame Julie for is the drought. Where does he come up with this garbage?

Anonymous said...

Oops, he cant do that now because its raining!

Anonymous said...

He'll take credit for the rain.

Anonymous said...

First the Boys Scouts are offended, now Santi uses naked Children. Now he's connected to a child molester.

Gimme a frigging break and talk a few issues here.

Boy the Julieites are really lathered up. She must be on the ropes and calling in markers to have Santi trashed like this.

Anonymous said...

"Now he's connected to a child molester."

Didn't read or hear that, want to bring us up to speed????

Did Santi or Julie have anything to do with Debbie being caught for DUI or following too close? see

cluck, cluck, cluck

Anonymous said...

Wrongo. No one including Julie has influenced me, talked to me, called me, or whatever to state the comments I've posted on this blog. Unlike Tom Wilson, I am not influenced as he so claims by Julie, or anyone else, to say or do anything against my will.

You would enjoy making this out to be Julie's supporters, but it is not so. She does't even know me or my family.

And for the record, you are the only one that mentioned Roger Santi and the words "child molester" in this blog, not anyone else. Your own words for your thoughts, which you posted.

M.C. - Milton