Wednesday, August 29, 2007

****Press Release / August 29, 2007****


For Immediate Release
August 24, 2007
For more information, contact:
Burt Hewitt—404-550-2751

Burt Hewitt announces his commitment to the City of Milton by
becoming a Candidate for City Council District 4

With the tremendous support of friends and neighbors, Milton resident Burt Hewitt announces his candidacy in the upcoming election for Milton City Council District 4. He wants your vote November 6.

“I believe I can offer an open-minded approach allowing me to be a better leader for District 4, the Council and serving the City of Milton.” Hewitt vows to be a team player and work effectively with the Mayor and other Council members to further the development of our City. “There will be difficult decisions to be made concerning a variety of topics from land use to historical preservation and we need someone who can stand back as an average Citizen and objectively represent the entire Milton Population.”

Hewitt is an experienced business leader with strong family values. He is passionate about Milton and the proper growth and development for this unique community. "I will work hard to preserve the values of Milton and to represent the desires of the people," promised Hewitt. "My strength is listening to the needs of my customers. I will consider the entire city my customer to serve.”

“This is a unique opportunity for me to be involved in the continued building of the City of Milton foundation. The Citizens of Milton should be proud of what has been accomplished in such a short time. With solid council leadership, I know we will keep that momentum.”

Burt Hewitt is a Regional Sales Manager for a small Company serving the food industry. An eight year resident of what is now Milton, he was born and raised in Columbus, Ga. and received a B.S. Degree in Marketing from Auburn University.

Burt resides on Bethany Road with Ivey, his wife of nine years and their three daughters. He is currently Chairperson for the “Milton Round Up”, the City’s first birthday party. Hewitt says this milestone event will celebrate all the wonderful things the City has accomplished while looking towards the future. Hewitt and his family are active members of Birmingham United Methodist Church, where he is a past Chairman of the Board of Trustees and along with his wife helped develop the base for what is a very successful Youth program.


Anonymous said...

We are behind you Burt -- go get em!!!

Anonymous said...


I have no doubt that you will make Milton Proud.

Best of Luck!!!

Anonymous said...


Are you connected in any way to Jan Jones? I watched the last election, our first, very closely and carefully. I put two and two together and found that almost every council member was connected to the that Planning Committee for Milton thru Jan Jones. Somehow. The "fundraiser" was an interesting affair. And Jan was very involved in that "almost ethics committee violation" party, wasn't she? I seem to remember that on the invitation in my email.

Honestly, I'm asking you this because I'm weary of those who are tight with Jan now, even though I hear she was a better person when she was just a Milton resident and not representing the community of Milton. And, while I may have someone's attention that may know about this - could you look into why her dirt road (and Bill Lusk's) is the only road with limits and a no entry/thruway on all access roads. Why didn't Wood Road get to do this when they petitioned? I think it could be a fire hazard not to have this access - THE ONLY OTHER ACCESS ROAD to the Elementary School - as an aditional way for fire trucks to get to Summit Hill in cases of emergency.

Anyway, good luck on your campaign. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your passion for the preservation of Milton and a no sewer promise and NON-POLITICAL motives. Please?

Susan L.

Anonymous said...

Susan L. excellent post!

Anonymous said...

Susan L.,

Thanks for your comments. I am not connected with Jan Jones. I would be happy to discuss this with you further if you wish. Please email me at and we can get together.

Thank you,
Burt Hewitt
Candidate for Council District 4

Anonymous said...

Burt, it is wonderful to see your signs up this morning all around Milton! You represent the people of Milton well and will do great things for us at City Hall.

Or I will eat my words - and bowl of Brussel Sprouts!

I am proud to support you and campaign for you this Fall.


My Milton Mantra Election '07:

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