Friday, August 24, 2007

Milton's Finance Director Resigns

By DOUG NURSE / The Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionPublished on: 08/24/07

The ongoing turmoil in the city of Milton has prompted Finance/Operations Director Carol Wolfe to submit her resignation, effective Sept. 7.

"It's been stressful at City Hall," Wolfe said Friday. "I have to have energy to take home to my two boys, who are 5 and 9. I felt like I was using all my energy at work. You have to strike a balance."

In addition to finding an interim city manager, Milton's City Council now has to hire a new operations director.

City Manager Aaron Bovos resigned Aug. 9 after coming under fire for the loss of $900,000 in tax revenue because of a missed deadline with the state.

Since then things seemed like they were calming down in Milton. The city council had had back-to-back uneventful meetings, and appeared to be in harmony on the budget.Wolfe said no one on the city council ever blamed her for the mishap with the tax revenue, which dogged Bovos.
"I never felt like a target," she said. "It was just the collective environment. "

City Councilwoman Karen Thurman spoke highly of Wolfe, who shepherded the city through its first annual budget process after Bovos left. "She was a valuable asset," Thurman said. "She's been wonderful, helping me become comfortable with the budget."

Wolfe said she is planning to join CH2M Hill-OMI, the company hired to provide day-to-day services at Milton. As a finance consultant and projects manager, she will join a pool of experts who parachute in when needed to help client cities, including Milton, Johns Creek, Sandy Springs and now Chattahoochee Hills. She said she probably will continue to be in Milton three days a week for the near future.

Wolfe came to Milton on Oct. 16 from Alpharetta, where she was city finance director. She earned $120,000 a year.


Anonymous said...

I'm fairly certain that Carol resigned because of Four on the Council. Guess who may be next? It seems the Four are hoping the next person to leave is Mayor Lockwood's Aide. (Carol, don't leave!) Guess what happened this past week at City Hall? Bill Lusk hand-delivered little jars of honey to every one in the City Manager/Mayor's office EXCEPT for Joe's Aide - intentional, and very obvious.

Please, Milton Residents: We must get Neil O'Brien and Rick Mohrig off the Council this November! Milton should be a City for all of us - Not governed by only 4 council members who stick together to oppose the Mayor on almost every issue and the majority of Milton Residents.

-Afraid to post my name so that I may continue to help uncover the truth of what is happening at City Hall.

P.S. Why don't you go check out the Campaign Contribution records at City Hall, which are made public, for the Four and see for yourself who financed their campaign.

Anonymous said...

What's next, or should we ask, who's next? I agree with the previous post completely. At least in the movies and the cartoon books the "Fantastic Four" are the good guys. Not in this case.

The community needs to make the change for Milton in November.

Anonymous said...

I think Aaron Bovos should run for council :) what a nice change of events that would be.

Anonymous said...

Little little lusk ...

Anonymous said...


Carol, thank you for all of your efforts in creating this city.

We could desperatly use more people like you and I hope that whoever replaces you listens intentely as you train them.

-Travis Allen