Friday, August 17, 2007

Milton City Manager Gets $72,500 Severance

BY DOUG NURSE / The Atlanta Journal-Constitution / Published on: 08/17/07

The city of Milton gave departing City Manager Aaron Bovos a lump sum of $72,500 in severance pay, half of what it would have paid if he had been fired.
The terms of the severance agreement forbid city officials and Bovos from commenting on his leaving the city.

After deliberating for 20 hours in closed-door sessions over a two-week period, the Milton City Council accepted Bovos' resignation on Aug. 9. The agreement states his resignation is in lieu of termination. It also states that Bovos resigned voluntarily. Bovos earned $145,000 a year.
City Council members were angry that Bovos waited four months to tell them that the city was in danger of forfeiting $900,000 in tax revenue because the city missed a Jan. 1 deadline with the state. Bovos joined Milton in September from Sandy Springs, where he served as assistant city manager in that city's successful start-up in 2005.

Under Bovos' brief tenure, Milton started its Fire and Police departments, launched Municipal Court, found a temporary City Hall, adopted ordinances and regulations common to cities, and established procedures for inspections, issuing permits, and tax collections.
The separation agreement states that Bovos will provide up to 25 hours to the city as a consultant to ease the transition.

After Bovos resigned, Milton Public Safety Director Chris Lagerbloom assumed city manager duties. The city is searching for an interim manager until a permanent replacement can be hired.


Anonymous said...

Did you notice that the AJC changed the wording to say City Manger Gets $72,500 as a PAYOFF!! Look in the archives on

It's the exact same story but the title was changed yesterday. Check it out.


Anonymous said...

Not trying to be argumentative here, call it what you want, SEVERENCE, PAYOFF, whatever, the fact remains... he got part of the money he deserved. Nothing the AJC does ever surprises me.

Let's hope the permanent city manager is not appointed prior to the next election. At that time we can remove two of the infamous four which hopefully will prevent the SHERIFF from hand picking someone from her posse. However, we must be careful that replacement candidates for council are not posse members.