Tuesday, August 28, 2007

*****Press Release / August 27, 2007*****

Alan Tart announces candidacy for Milton City Council - District 6

Milton resident Alan Tart proudly announced his candidacy for Milton City Council - District 6 on Monday. Alan is self-described as a "fresh face in leadership for the new City of Milton."

"This is a pivotal moment in our city’s history. Over the next several years, our city council will be making many important decisions that will have longstanding effects on our city’s future. While growth is inevitable, I, like the majority of Milton’s citizens, believe that we have a collective responsibility to preserve Milton’s small town character and distinctive heritage by ensuring responsible growth and land use, efficient community services, and fiscal responsibility and accountability. As your councilman, I will listen to your interests and concerns and make decisions based on the will of the majority. I will work to build consensus on council and in the community, and I will make decisions that preserve our city’s unique char acteristics. I would greatly appreciate your support in this important election."

Alan attended Berry College in Rome, GA where he received a BS Degree in Biology. He was born and raised in Columbus, GA where he also taught high school. Alan now serves as a Regional Retail Food Specialist and National Team Leader for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Elected by his peers to represent their interests on the national level, Alan has over 10 years of experience with developing and interpreting policies and regulations and with analyzing the legal, social, and economic impact of policies and regulations on governmental stakeholders, including industry and the public. Alan is a current member of the Atlanta Federal Executive Board Leadership in Government Program – a distinctive program that is designed to enhance the team building, leveraging, and interpersonal skills of government leaders.

Alan also serves as President and CEO of the Avensong Community Association, located at Deerfield Parkway and Hwy. 9. With assistance from many fine volunteers, Alan and the other Avensong board members have worked diligently to build a sense of community and pride in the neighborhood. Alan recently led a community fundraiser to raise $3,000 for the Milton Police Department. In his spare time, Alan enjoys traveling and spending time with his family and friends.
For more information, please contact Alan Tart (678) 464-8550.


CL said...

Glad to see we have a choice in district 6 this time.
When you are elected please see to it that we have an interlinking bike and pedestrian pathway throughout the city.


Anonymous said...

Alan, if you are not a member of the SHERIFF's posse and don't have intentions of becoming one, you will go far.


Anonymous said...


I was on the Bike & Pedestrian Path Committee, and I can assure you that the committee is still working towards our goal.

You can view the proposed trail system on the city homepage, you may have to look under the page for maps.

The largest obstacle to overcome is funding as these trails cost an exorbitant amount.

Any ideas are welcome.

Travis Allen

Anonymous said...

Oh, and sorry to get away from the subject of this forum.

I've met Alan and he's the real deal, I think he'd do a wonderful job on the city council.

Travis Allen

cl said...


Thank you for the information. I will check it out.


miltonville said...

Alan, I look forward to meeting you one day and hearing about how you visualize the future of Milton and what you'll do for our City. We want and need our voices heard. Currently and sadly, only a few are listening.
-Patti Silva

Tim Enloe said...


I have no doubt that you will do a wonderful job for our city.

I look forward to voting for you come November!!!

Alan said...

Hi, everyone! I look forward to working with all of you! I very much want to hear each your opinions on what we can do to better our city and preserve its distinctive characteristics. Travis, let's hook up and discuss the bike and pedestrian path idea. I realize funding is an issue, but I think working together, we can find grants to cover this! My e-mail address is I hope you all feel free to write me to discuss any specific issues of interest to you, your families, and your neighborhoods. Thanks again for all the words of encouragement!

Alan Tart
Candidate (and Future!) Milton City Council Member - District 6 (at large)

Alan said...

Hi, there! If I am a member of the "Sheriff's Posse," nobody told ME about it! Guess that means I am "good to go," eh? :)

Alan Tart
Candidate (and Future!) Milton Council Member from District 6