Wednesday, April 25, 2007

City To Swear In Police Officers April 27th

The 21 members of the Milton police force will culminate their two weeks of pre-deployment training with a swearing-in ceremony and presentation of badges on Friday, April 27 at 10 a.m. at Milton City Hall.

The public is invited to join the officers, their family and friends, and city officials for the brief ceremony that will officially welcome them into the force, which hits the streets for the first time at midnight, Tuesday May 1.

The two-week training program includes administrative items such as human resources orientation, policy and procedure review, and familiarizing the officers with Milton ordinances, plus training on the various technology associated with the job, such as operation of the digital cameras installed in all Milton patrol cars, the reporting system and use of the Georgia and National Crime Information Centers. It also involves skills training such as firearms qualification, incident management, vehicle pull-overs, felony traffic stop management, handcuffing, self-defense and use of force. Trainees also spent time on the road, familiarizing themselves with city streets.

Officers also were outfitted for their uniforms, which feature heather grey shirts paired with black pants and campaign – trooper style – uniform hats.

At 11 p.m. April 30, the first shift will hold roll call at the Public Safety offices in City Hall. Officers will move into their patrol cars at 11:50 and 10 minutes later will roll out onto the streets of Milton, ushering in a new era of protection and service for city residents.

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