Thursday, January 23, 2014

Milton Parks and Rec to rent facilities to citizens.

by Caitlyn Walters / The Milton Herald

MILTON, Ga. — The Milton City Council unanimously approved the Parks and Recreation Department's proposal to formally rent facilities to citizens for private functions.

In the Jan. 6 council meeting, Parks and Recreation Director Jim Cregge said the city continues to grow and so have the requests to rent out assets for private functions.

Cregge said the department board worked diligently for about three months to craft a formal policy that combines the wishes of citizens as well as the best practices from five surrounding parks and recreation agencies.

In the agreement, the department will make available a variety of facilities and fields to rent when not in use for city-sponsored programs or city partner programs.

Facilities include, but may not be limited to, picnic pavilions, meeting rooms, gymnasiums and tennis courts. Fields include baseball/softball fields and multiple-purpose rectangular athletic fields. "This is an exciting thing because one of the things people like to see is park programs move forward," Councilmember Matt Kunz said. "I just wanted to congratulate the board and say good job."

Also at the meeting:

The council deferred the consideration of replacing the 150-foot telecommunications tower off Batesville Road with a 195-foot "mono-pine" tower until the Jan. 22 meeting.

This will allow affected communities more time to discuss concerns with the applicant and property owner.

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