Thursday, January 23, 2014

Liberty's Law Passes 1,180 Signatures Online / City Still Defiant.

By Tim Enloe;

Liberty's Law, the proposed ordinance to protect horses from abuse and harassment, now stands at 1,184 online petition signatures and over 500 facebook friends. With more aggressive marketing in the near future, support will continue to grow.

The goal of Liberty's Law is simple; to protect horses from abuse and harassment via education and enforcement.

Liberty's Law is named after a horse who was born on Bethany road in 1982. In recent years, she has been shot with paint balls,fireworks have been shot at her and above her pastures, she has been screamed at, and engines have been revved to scare her; all by the same offenders. The end result is a horse terrified to graze in the pastures she took her first breaths in.

Even with eyewitness, video, and physical evidence, the City of Milton did nothing to the offenders; not even a warning. One council member refused to support Liberty's Law if her name was in the proposed ordinance while another suggested removing Liberty from the property.

While the City of Milton Georgia's website houses over ten images on it's official website, both council and staff have been defiant in allow Liberty's Law to be presented.

You can support Liberty's Law by signing the petition and encouraging others to do so. Together, we can protect the beautiful horses from abuse and harassment!

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