Thursday, April 05, 2012

Monthly new business report.

Courtesy City of Milton

This list is compiled from business license records kept by the city's Community Development Department. If a new business receives a license within the month proceeding the newsletter, it will be listed.

The appearance of a business on this page is not intended, nor should it be construed, as the City of Milton's or Milton City Council's endorsement, sanction, promotion or advertisement of any particular business. Identification of businesses on this list is for informational purposes only. Citizens interested in retaining or conducting business with any of the companies or agencies listed in this item should conduct their own review and investigation of that business.

Wirkz Performance 125 Springfield Creek Road Milton, GA 30004
P's Cleaning Service, LLC 13085 Morris Road Milton, GA 30004
O.B.O Activation 12220 Birmingham Hwy, Building 30 Milton, GA 30004
Gsquared Solutions 340 Oakhurst Leaf Drive Milton, GA 30004
ZOJ Design 775 Barberry Drive Milton, GA 30004
Laser Optimized Tech 13077 Highway 9 Suite 620 Milton, GA 30004
Insight Performance Partners of GA 800 Owens Lake Road Milton, GA 30004
Faux Unlimited 15790 Milton Point Milton, GA 30004
Blu Designs 911 Sandringham Court Milton, GA 30004
Expert Builders 14555 Eighteenth Fairway Milton, GA 30004
Taylor Carrier Services 13085 Morris Road Suite 3305 Milton, GA 30004
ATL Appliances Solutions 3213 Buck Way Milton, GA 30004
AJB Acquistions LLC 585 Arbor North Way Milton, GA 30004
Agape Acadamy LLC 13085 Morris Road #13004 Milton, GA 30004
Home Town Mortgage 13082 Bethany Road Milton, GA 30004
Worldwide Xplorer LLC 14020 Cowart Road Milton, GA 30004
KE Capital LLC 60 Dorris Road Milton, GA 30004

For a continually updated list of current businesses in Milton via the city's Web site, click here.

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