Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Milton resident creates winning Roundup design.

Courtesy Appen Newspapers

MILTON - The City of Milton is proud to announce the winning logo and theme for the 2010 Milton Roundup, to be held Oct. 23 at Birmingham United Methodist Church, has been chosen. And it is a beauty.

The winning logo is the brainchild of Milton resident Andrew Furman, founder and president of Roswell-based Apparel Image. The 16-year-old company specializes in manufacturing identity apparel and promotional products nationally for Fortune 500 companies, not-for-profit-organizations, local schools and recreation departments.

"Knowing this logo would be printed on T-shirts, I wanted it to be a T-shirt that people would wear, not just a give-a-way that you would do your yard work in," he said. "I hope others feel the same."

Furman, a 10-year resident, said he felt he was uniquely qualified to capture the spirit of Milton and the yearly event that has come to define the city.

"When considering an idea for the Roundup logo, I first thought simple, but updated," he said. "What comes to mind for me when thinking of Milton is horses, black, four-board fencing, open spaces and a friendly community with updated, old-country charm.

" The design is a synthesis of history and high-class, just like the community itself, said Furman.

"In essence we tried to capture that updated, old-country charm by having elements of the design look worn, yet with a distinctly modern flare," he said. "The City of Milton's abstract horse logo and the color choice for the word 'Roundup' bring in modern elements of design. But the 'crackle' effect in the background and tag line 'New City, Old Lifestyle' help convey the message that we are an established community -- comfortable like an old pair of jeans or your favorite T-shirt."

Furman's logo and event theme will guide the planning and execution of the 2010 Milton Roundup, the city's fourth. This year's event will also include the second Milton Mayor's Run Oct. 16, which marks the dawn of the week leading up to the Roundup.

Parks and Recreation Director and Special Events Coordinator Cyndee Bonacci is hard at work planning the events, and sponsorship information will be available publicly soon. For early information on how you can sponsor or be a part of the 2010 Milton Roundup, contact Bonacci at 678-242-2489 or by e-mail at

The City of Milton sincerely thanks all the participants who submitted designs for the 2010 Milton Roundup logo contest. Each displayed impressive creativity.


Anonymous said...

Isn't this a rerun?

Understandable things are slow, but not this slow.

Anonymous said...

great design, stupid slogan

Anonymous said...

is this guy on crack? established and new are different, not similar so where does he get that comparison

Anonymous said...

What a lovely Logo for this year!

Anonymous said...

what a joke the logo is for this year the guy above had it right as the designer must have been high when he added the title below the picture

Anonymous said...

more people are living in the city of milton so what is the big fuss about? Don't worry, be happy.

Anonymous said...

The city known for its obnoxious and arrogant residents.

Anonymous said...

Previous comment is right on the money. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

12:30pm: It takes one to know one.

Anonymous said...

As usual, the previous comment is mean and hateful. The work of "snake in the grass".