Thursday, July 15, 2010

BOE "Resolution" To Fix School Traffic? Right...


In light of the recent article regarding traffic concerns with the new high school, we thought the following picture might be of interest.

Residents in the Bethany / Freemanville / Mayfield area were fed the same caliber of lies from the FCBOE regarding "resolutions" to fix potential traffic concerns regarding the new Milton High School before it was built. They even claimed placing the high school there would have little impact on Crabapple traffic.

The above picture has been a common situation on Bethany Road since the behemoth opened in 2005. It was taken in the fall of 2009.

It should also be noted that due to this school related issue, it is not uncommon for commuters to turn around on private property to get out of the mess; trenching yards in the process. Road side trash and speeding have also increased substantially.

Good luck, Bethany Bend & Cogburn residents - you are going to need it.

Tim Enloe


Anonymous said...

Tim, good to see you posting again. Thought Miss Big Britches might have prohibited you from the site.

Miss Big Britches said...

Nope just the comment moderation.



Anonymous said...

Re comment of 9:47 AM. This person has mental problems. No one is interested in what you say or think.

Anonymous said...

Hello 6:48, this is 9:47, don't hang up.

I feel so sorry for you and am going to pray that you don't end up like me.
It is apparent you have the same or some form of the symptom that caused my problem(s), which led to my being institutionalized on several occasions.

You lash out when you do not agree with someone by verbally attacking that person. It's a sign of inferiority and this will manifest itself in many ways, name calling, idiot, stupid, ignorant and this makes you feel superior.

It could be you just had a sudden temporary attack of lunacy and it will never happen again, but you never know.

Good luck to you. If you can't beat this problem, I only hope you will seek help. The asylum is not a spa.

Anonymous said...

Again, no one is interested!

Anonymous said...

Someone is interested or (s)he would not be posting "no one is interested...." on two occasions.........duh.

Anonymous said...

say's who, you?

Anonymous said...

Back again! The traffic backup is caused by parents not allowing their children to ride the school bus, especially when it is raining. The parents are the ones turning around in driveways, and by the way I haven't seen too much trenching on Bethany Rd., even after it has been noted that it is being done. Most of the off road tire marks are on the bad curves and people have to go onto the right of ways because of others coming straight towards you.

I can't wait until school starts so we can hear more from Tim on the school issue!

Anonymous said...

Drumline is about to start up again, so it should be relatively soon for Enloe. Maybe due to the heat, they'll head inside for some relief, and relief for Tim as well.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how the nearby residents will accept the new Milton high school? This will be interesting.
Tim is right.

Anonymous said...

The school is coming, no accepting necessary.

Anonymous said...

It will be the battle of the bands, from Cogburn/Bethany to Mayfield/Freemanville, in stereo. Now this is going to be interesting to see how many people become sympathetic to Enloe's point, since the people getting the new school are there before the school is built, and now, hmm, it's going to be interesting to find out if they like all the practicing, game noise, pa system, etc. at all hours of the evening.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Guess what. The band practice started today, but my windows were not rattling. Can't wait for the articles to start flowing.

Tim Enloe said...

All are welcome to hear the vibrations and noise within our two homes on Bethany due to the high school.

Just give us a ring.

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552