Thursday, July 01, 2010

Milton passes Historic Preservation law.

Milton's City Council passed June 21 an Historic Preservation Ordinance meant to help keep the city's history intact. Angela Rambeau, a city planner who worked on the ordinance with appointed volunteers, said the new law will provide for the identification, evaluation, designation and protection of historic resources in the City of Milton. "It will allow us to preserve and rehabilitate eligible historic properties within the city for future generations," she said. The next step is for volunteers who want to be a part of the Historic Preservation Commission, which the law establishes, to come forward. If you are interested, click here to contact the council member who represents your district.

For more information about the law itself, contact
Angela Rambeau.


Anonymous said...

Not sure whose district the following live in however, they would make excellent members.
Elip Spence
Bud Sutton
Paul Westbrooks
Edward Richards
Dwight McWhorter
Raymond Westbrooks

Anonymous said...

I thought the City passed the Historic Preservation law when Bill Lusk was re-elected last year?

Anonymous said...

If not, Lusk will take credit for this one being passed.

Anonymous said...

Another potential member is Butter Bean Wood.