Monday, July 13, 2009

Thurman, Lusk plan Crabapple meeting

by Jason Wright / Appen Newspapers

July 10, 2009

Council members Karen Thurman and Bill Lusk are holding a meeting for the public July 15 at the Crabapple Government Center to discuss the many issues facing the growing Crabapple Crossroads area.

Lusk said the meeting will be an opportunity for curious citizens to hear the latest information regarding speed limits, intersection improvements and the Crabapple portion of the recently passed Community Identification Sign program featuring its backer, Buck Bell.

"We'll be discussing what has been approved and what types of things are in the works," said Lusk. "What's going on right now and what has been proposed."

Both Thurman and Lusk said they were excited for a presentation from local developer J.T. Adams of Lodestone Development and John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods about plans for the northwest quadrant of Crabapple – basically the area behind the Olde Blind Dog that includes Wieland's Braeburn.

"That will be worth the price of admission right there," joked Lusk.

Thurman stressed, though, that neither city staff nor elected officials have seen the plan. Its inclusion in the program is not to be construed as being endorsed by the city.

Thurman said she's very pleased to announce publicly recent monies given to the area for the "Safe Routes to School" grant allowing for new sidewalks.

The meeting will also serve as a good introduction for a lot of folks to the developing Transportation Master Plan – which has money set aside to deal with Crabapple's storied traffic jams — and the Comprehensive Plan, Thurman said."Hopefully we can give out some information and get some information from the community about what they think of it," she said.


Anonymous said...

More hogwash!

Anonymous said...

What is "Lusk's price of addmission"?

Anonymous said...

A vote in November.

Anonymous said...

Will they be serving tacos?

Anonymous said...

A taco from Lusk or one from Thurman? If they serve them then there will be no Bailey at the event.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

If they need advice on how to waste tax payer money, they can just call on the Federal Government, instead of Katie Reeves. Her expertise in that area is not needed.

Anonymous said...

Tacos will be served at the Thur Luskman show.

Anonymous said...

Bet she has a nice one, although it is probably pretty dry and gray?