Thursday, July 02, 2009

Road Closure on Saturday, July 4

Deerfield Parkway will be closed on Saturday, July 4 from 10 till 11 a.m. See the large circled area on this map. Small circles indicate closures to thru-traffic.

South on Deerfield Parkway from S.R. 9: Detour left on Webb Road, then right on Morris Road to Deerfield Parkway.
North on Deerfield Parkway from Windward Parkway: Turn right on Morris Road, then left on Webb Road to Deerfield Parkway.
East on Webb Road from S.R. 9: Continue on Webb Road, then right on Morris Road to Deerfield Parkway.
West on Webb Road from Morris Road: Continue to S.R. 9, turn left on S.R. 9 to Windward Parkway, left on Windward Parkway to Deerfield Parkway.
NOTE: Deerfield Parkway will be closed to thru traffic at Morris Road. However, Verizon Wireless employees stationed in Building Two may continue through with caution, traveling north on Deerfield Parkway only. Building Three will not be accessible until the roadway reopens.
NOTE: Deerfield Lake Townhomes residents must enter from the north end of Deerfield Parkway at Webb Road for left-in access only. Residents will be allowed to make a right-out turn only.


Anonymous said...

God Bless America!

Anonymous said...

Was a parade held as scheduled? Have not seen any pictures of same.