Monday, July 20, 2009

Milton Farmers Market Pictures!

"Money Plant" Is A Plenty At The Milton Farmers Market!

Mr. Westbrook is eager to share smiles and home grown tomatoes!

The craftsman and the client.

Young Entreprenuers Of Milton!

The Sunflowers brought plenty of smiles...and a bee!

How hot is too hot?

Home Grown Veggies From Stable Days Farm on Bethany Road!

Many Thanks to Nikki Haslett of "Through The Eyes Of Nicola Photography" for these wonderful shots. To find out more about the wonderful photography talents of Miss Haslett, please click here=>


Anonymous said...

Linda, please give Mr. Westbrook a taco!

Anonymous said...

Or he might like a gray, crusty one from councilwoman Thurman?

Would just need salsa!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Whatever JT wants, she will do. Does JT want Karen to give Mr. Westbrook a taco?

Anonymous said...

I bet he dosent even like mexican food.

Anonymous said...

Mr Westbrook is a peas and cornbread man.