Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Milton County Resolution Passes House Committee

Courtesy Beaconcast

House Resolution 21 passed out of the State Planning and Community Affairs Committee in the Georgia House of Representatives today by a 7-1 vote.

HR 21 would allow a previously merged county to be re-created through a voter referendum. Only two counties remain in Georgia that were previously merged into another, Milton County covering most of North Fulton and Campbell County extending across South Fulton.

The resolution now moves to the House Rules Committee before it can be voted on the House floor.

As a constitutional amendment, the resolution would have to garner a two-thirds majority vote in the Georgia House and Senate before it could be placed on the General ballot for a statewide vote in 2010.

City-hood in the cities of Milton and Johns Creek just two years ago brought government closer to the People. County-hood would finally cut government down to size for all of North Fulton, stated Majority Whip Jan Jones (R-Milton), the bill's primary author.

Speaker Pro Tem Mark Burkhalter (R- Johns Creek) and Fulton County Commissioner Lynne Riley (R) spoke in favor of the bill during the committee meeting. "Today's passage of the constitutional amendment to re-create Milton County by the State Planning Committee is a significant step towards the long deserved independence of North Fulton County. The net effect for our residents will be lower taxes, improved services and increased home values," said Burkhalter.

In addition to Jones and Burkhalter, Rep. Harry Geisinger (R-Roswell), Rep. Chuck Martin (R Alpharetta), Rep. Joe Wilkinson (R- Sandy Springs), and Rep. Wendell Willard (R- Sandy Springs) signed the legislation."The committee vote today is one more step in North Fulton's quest for more efficient, responsive government," said Jones.


James said...

Amazing how no one is really talking about the theft of Sandy Springs from Fulton County. Without Sandy Springs a Milton County is not viable. For those unaware...Sandy Springs (Hammond) was never a part of Milton County.
This legislation in effect will allow Sandy Springs to be hijacked out of Fulton County.
What's worse is Fulton Industrial Blvd (South Fulton) commercial warehouse district paid for the build out of Sandy Springs and no one has the decency to admit the truth.

Anonymous said...

who cares? this is, not accessandysprings

Anonymous said...

Those who desperately wanted to be cities are having financial difficulty so in the midst of a depression why not hijack the funds from Fulton County. With the help of municipalities in Fulton County, South Fulton will be destroyed. Isn't that also the intent. What illness

Anonymous said...

This Milton County thing could get very nasty.

Anonymous said...

This is really going to ugly when the state legislator leading this is exposed for taking money from Fulton county for his pet project.

Anonymous said...

His pet project or her pet project?

Anonymous said...

South Fulton County has been stealing from the residents of Milton, Roswell, Alpharetta, etc. for decades. It's called taxation without representation. Forming Milton County will put an end to it.

Anonymous said...

I thought the formation of the city was supposed to take care of all that.

Anonymous said...

Millions of our school tax dollars get "hijacked" each year and are applied to schools south of us. But that's okay, right?

Anonymous said...

S tupid
P eople
L ooting
O ur
S chool's
T axes

Anonymous said...

I love the acronym but it's the voting public who puts SPLOSTs in place.

Our state legislators are the ones who allow a certain percentage of school dollars to be removed from our local schools to be redistributed to other needy school districts.

If you don't like that help your school board lobby our legislators against this looting.

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