Thursday, February 19, 2009

Milton County Push Clears House Committee

Appen Newspapers

February 18, 2009 A resolution to put re-creation of Milton County on the ballot as a constitutional amendment cleared a Georgia House of Representatives committee today, according to a report by the Office of Committee Services.

House Resolution 21, introduced by Rep. Jan Jones, R-Milton, was passed by the state Planning & Community Affairs Committee.HR21 proposes a constitutional amendment providing for the recreation of a pre-existing county.

The constitution states that Georgia may only be subdivided into 159 counties. This proposition would allow for only those counties that were previously merged the option to re-exist. This resolution would give citizens affected by the re-creation the option to vote whether or not the county should exist.Bills passing committees are reported to the Clerk's Office and then are placed on the General Calendar of the House.

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