Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Update Regarding Sewer Extention From Council Person Julie Zahner Bailey

Dear Milton Neighbors, Citizens and Friends -

This email is intended to give you a quick recap and update following the Monday, August 4th Work Session re: Sewer Extension.

1. Thank you to those who attended the meeting and to those who expressed your opinions via email. You sent a strong message to Milton City Council and staff that sewer is a critical issue for citizens and you all are watching closely.It was one of the largest crowds we have had at a Council meeting reflecting the importance of this topic for citizens and developers.

2. A few points of clarification from the Work Session:
There was a suggestion by some that the proposed Fulton County map did not reflect sewer expansion. It was all a bit confusing with the land lot references, but if you listened to our legal counsel closely, it is clear that the new map DOES reflect expansion into areas currently not planned for sewer. This violates our existing No Inter-Basin Transfer Policy and is how negative precedents and "sewer creep" start.

Many of you expressed concerns over the City Manager's proposal that we replace our existing sewer policy based on a model from Prince William County, Virginia. This was not mentioned at the work session, but demonstrates an exposure to new sewer in Milton.

3. Discussions will continue on this critical issue. Please stay tuned. The issue and risks of sewer extension have not gone away.

4. Thank you again for attending the Work Session and voicing your concerns and expectations.

Julie Zahner Bailey
Milton City Council
770-664-5529 (h)
404-310-6344 (c)


Anonymous said...

"Sewer Creep?"


Hide the women and children, the "sewer creep" is coming, the sewer creep is coming!

Dooo Dooo Dooo Dooo

Anonymous said...

Let me guess? This woman was not listening at the meeting? Oh thats right she couldn't have been with her mouth running all the time!

Anonymous said...

Are you refering to JZB as a motor mouth?

Anonymous said...

You meant Dee Dee Dee. Only a Dee Dee Dee would get it wrong.
-Mencia in Milton

Anonymous said...

No never. JZB is not a motor mouth.
She sits there quietly, states her position quickly, and moves forward.

Anonymous said...

unlike your style

Anonymous said...

Was JZB the only council member present at the meeting?

Anonymous said...

I wondered where the other council members were too. Present but not accounted for? Were they too busy sucking up to Fulton County to stand up for Milton?

Anonymous said...

I always wonder why we need to criticize people and not just comment on the issue at hand. Is that too much to ask?

Anonymous said...

It is too much too ask. It drives up readership of any media including this website which gets more hits and then gets more advertisers and they make more money. The more smut the more money in everyones pockets.

Anonymous said...

Well then if that's the case Enloe needs to hire you as their smut writer/blogger since you are doing such a good job at it. Once your term is up you can work for him.

Anonymous said...

To the smut writer:
I've got a question for you. Is it true about the pineapple thing in White Columns? Is this just rumor or is this true? Inquiring minds want to know!