Friday, June 06, 2008

Milton Residents Want Tougher Stance Against School

They worry about environmental impact


Opponents of a planned high school in Milton are upset with the City Council because, they say, a resolution to the Fulton County School Board wasn't tough enough.

The City Council resolution on Monday called on the school board to consider the concerns of nearby residents who worry about the environmental impact of the school on nearby creeks and rivers. Residents have been especially vocal about the prospect of having a large septic tank to handle the school's waste and about the expected runoff from the school.

Some opponents made a presentation with an environmental engineer, and asked the City Council to intervene. The city has no authority over where schools are placed by the school board, which acts independently of municipalities.

The resolution fell short of condemning the selection of the 116-acre site. Instead, it asked the school board to consider working with the City of Milton to conduct additional tests, and to coordinate with regulatory agencies to ensure that the new high school is designed and built in a safe and environmentally sound way.

Lisa Cauley, chairwoman of a group called Protect Milton, felt the City Council wimped out.
"We feel the City Council should have insisted the school board find an alternative site, since our reports and studies conclude Chicken Creek cannot handle any additional bacterial load," Cauley said Friday."We are confused, disappointed, frustrated about their stance," she said. "We were expecting something teethier. For some reason, they watered it down."

Councilwoman Tina D'Aversa also had hoped for the resolution would be worded stronger, but she said the council concluded the city lacked the authority to make demands on a co-equal government. And she said there was some concern that a strident resolution might alienate the school board."There was concern that a stronger request would cause greater pushback from them," D'Aversa said. "We think that if they will review the environmental studies, they will reach the same conclusion on their own."

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Anonymous said...

Typical Lisa Cauley, always wanting others to do her bidding.

Anonymous said...

YOU obviously do not know Lisa personally or you would never make this statement about her.

Anonymous said...

How committed to the Protect Milton cause would Mrs. Cauley be if she was offered a profit for her property?

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Cauley isn't in the position to have to sacrifice her integrity in order to make a few bucks. I'm fairly certain they don't need to and based on my own observations, she has a heart, she cares about doing what is right for the community since she planned on living here indefinitely, because in researching this school information she found the blatant abuse of power by the FCBOE that the residents on Wood Rd found several years before.

If you only knew the truth about all this including Lisa, you wouldn't consider making such statements.

Does it matter? No one else would have done it. Bottom Line.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Cauley

You are doing a great job. Several people that comment against you either do not know all of the facts or they are jealous of your successes. Keep up the good work.

Birmingham Hwy. resident

Anonymous said...

This resolution shows council would rather tip toe around the BOE instead of keeping that creek from being polluted further by the schools on septic. the only way I see the Creek won't be contaminated by the schools is if they go elsewhere, maybe not even in Milton. Someone report the true growth numbers out here? My kids are grown but I'd still would like to keep MHS as Milton's HS and not relinquish it to Alphharetta and roswell.

Thompson Road Resident

Anonymous said...

....she found the blatant abuse of power by the FCBOE that the residents of Wood Rd found several years before.

Was she ever an employee of the FBI or GBI?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the EPD situation a few months ago where Carol Couch (EPD Director) went against her own staff and approved the developers of a Walmart in Cumming to build on a stream that feeds Lake Lanier. This was a huge issue, and the stream isn't even present all the time, I think they call it intermitant or something like that. Funny how when exposed for what she did, Walmart pulled off the site, blamed the developer stating they were unaware of the stream, and refused to build there. Same thing. Maybe the BOE can take some tips from Walmart. Interesting issue.