Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Milton Asks School System To Address Environmental Concerns


The Milton City Council has approved a resolution calling on the school board to consider the concerns of local residents who say the school's huge septic system and runoff is a health hazard.
Many residents oppose the new school site on Freemanville Road, and have asked the City Council to intervene. The city has no authority over where schools are placed by the Fulton school board, which acts independently of municipalities.

Residents say it will pour large amounts of effluent and chemicals into the ground, and they fear it will pollute nearby creeks that feed Little River and the Etowah River.

"We had some residents who hired an engineer and did some tests and shared some environmental concerns," said Mayor Joe Lockwood. "The school board people said sure, pass it on to us."

Residents also worry about traffic and noise and other attendant problems that come with a high school.

The resolution fell short of condemning the selection of the 116-acre site as requested by some residents. The resolution asks the school board consider working with the City of Milton to conduct additional tests and to coordinate with regulatory agencies to ensure that the new high school is designed and built in a safe and environmentally sound way.


Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you make sewer a bad word. Milton's City Council doesn't realize there are safe and effective uses for sewer (not to mention septic systems fail) OPEN YOUR EYES! Manage infrastructure and zoning! It is better to manage good growth and make good decisions instead of struggling, finger pointing and fighting to recover from really bad decisions 10 years from now

Anonymous said...

Dont lump all council in this one. How about one main one and her weak followers.

Anonymous said...

Who wrote above post, Combover Boy or Vermin ??

Anonymous said...

If septic system's fail, then why does the BOE want to put 3 schools on septic on top of this creek in the watershed? Where is the EPD on this? They should be all over this like white on rice. Or is Carol Couch giving out favors again? Ouch, Couch!

Anonymous said...

The Main council member and her weak followers should vote for sewer and then watch the fit hit the shan.

Keep in mind, when it hits the shan, it is not distributed equally.