Sunday, June 15, 2008

Help Bring Cocoa Home!


A wonderful kitty is missing in our Milton! Please keep your eyes out for the beloved Cocoa pictured above. For more information, please see the comments from Miltonian Dalene Johnson below.

Thank you!

Tim Enloe

"Our female, 4 yr. old long-haired Calico cat, Cocoa, disappeared from our home in Nettlebrook Farms (corner of Redd & Thompson Rds.) on 5/31. She was wearing a purple breakaway collar w/ a heart-shaped tag on it w/ our home ph. # & her name and has a HomeAgain microchip. If anyone finds Cocoa, please call us at 678-762-7719. Thanks, Dalene Johnson"

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Anonymous said...

If you let your cats out, especially at night, chances are they will go missing.