Friday, September 07, 2012

Milton residents take to the trash.


A total of 375 people responded to Milton's Trash and Recycling survey conducted this summer by Milton Grows Green. Thank you for your time and help to better understand the needs of the community when it comes to trash and recycling. Here is a brief summary of the results:

80 percent of people who responded live in subdivisions, while the rest live in open road neighborhoods.

More than 60 percent had two or more haulers serving their neighborhoods.
10 percent of respondents require back door pickup due to length of driveway or inability to get carts to street.

73 percent do curbside recycling, with 63 percent having a cart for recycling.
15 percent would like to recycle more if they knew more about it.
68 percent of people use the Roswell Recycling Center either occasionally or regularly.

46 percent are composting yard waste on their properties.
For the full results, click here.

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