Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Another Reason To Support Liberty's Law!

Police horses attacked, injured after break-in at stable.

Chicago News and Weather | FOX Chicago News

Courtesy Fox News

CHICAGO (FOX Chicago News) - Two Chicago police horses are recovering after a break-in at the department's stable left them injured and nursing wounds.

The officers returned to the stable only to find dozens of horses had been terrorized while they were gone. According to officials, tissue paper was strewn inside and fire extinguishers were used in the attack. Two suffered injuries and detectives say it's the first attack of its kind.

Police horse JR suffered a swollen left eye after being sprayed in the face with a fire extinguisher. For Schott, the injuries were much worse. Lacerations to his flank and left rear hoof after Sunday night's mayhem left 30 horses trembling in fear. Patrons were disgusted.

"It's horrible," says South Shore resident Chuck Kramers. "I used to work here, they take good care of them and I hate that somebody did that to them."

The break-in at the stable happened between 9:45 p.m. and 11:15 p.m. at the Chicago Police Department's mounted patrol unit housed at the South Shore Cultural Center. Police are turning to the public for help to catch the culprit.

"There are people out there that would know who entered this stable and they did not enter this to commit a theft, rather it appears they enter this to maliciously harm our horses -for what reason, I don't know," explains Lieutenant Paul Bauer. "The person or persons, once they were inside the premises, they turned loose approximately 27 of our 30 horses. They were found running throughout the arena and in the isle, a very dangerous situation for the horses."

The commotion caused a huge upset for the dozens of officers who report to work here each day and rely on the horses to help serve and protect.

"The person then took fire extinguishers off the walls and began spraying the horses in the face in the body. We found empty fire extinguishers in the arena which indicates that they were throwing them at the horses and trying to hurt them," says Bauer.

Trainer Michael Clisham spent the greater part of the day nursing the horses back to health and security.

There are no arrests at this time. Investigators say the suspects may have used a back window to break into the stable.

The horses are named after officers who have died in the line of duty. Police horse JR joined the department in 1999 and Schott in 2003.

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Liberty's Law is a proposed enhancement to current animal protection laws which would help protect horses from abuse and harassment through education and enforcement. Liberty is Milton Georgia mare who was born and has live in Milton Georgia for over thirty years. She has been shot with paint balls, fireworks have been shot above her and into her pastures, and she has been screamed at and scared through noise directed towards her. To date, nothing has ever happened to the offenders even with physical, video, and eye witness evidence presented.


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I am happy to meet with you and show all that has been provided to authorities.

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