Wednesday, February 20, 2008

BHA Newsletter

Fulton County BOE New High School Update

The BHA has had a significant number of questions and concerns about the Fulton County Board of Education proposed site for the new High School on Freemanville Road and based on the information currently available the Board of Directors opposes the site for environmental reasons. We will continue to follow the new and upcoming facts. Additional updates are also available on the Protect Milton website.

Elevated Water Tank Update

Last week Councilmember D'Aversa sponsored Wayne Super, Milton resident, Hal Weideman, Civil Engineer and Alec Rickenbacker, Pritchard Mountain, LLC to the Council's work session for a factual presentation opposing Fulton County's desire to build an elevated water tower in the City of Milton. The Mayor and City Council agreed to vote on adopting a resolution opposing the elevated water tank: favoring either a booster-pump-only solution or designing the elevated water tank in conformance with the area aesthetics and overall land use plan for Milton.Public comment and Council vote on this matter will occur at the City Council meeting on Wednesday, February, 20th at 6PM. The City's action will have an impact on the Fulton County Board of Commissioners.Please attend the City Council meeting as a show of support for the Council's affirmative vote. You will also have two opportunities to make a public statement during this meeting if you wish. Regardless, your attendance will greatly matter and influence how the Council votes.

Sewer Plant in NE Cherokee

We face an issue that could forever change this area. A Sewer Plant is proposed in Cherokee County to provide sewer service to the Northeast Region of Cherokee County and areas of both Forsyth and Fulton Counties. Many of you participated in an earlier letter writing campaign which caused the Environmental Protection Division (EPD) to grant a public hearing in March. In a very short period of time Milton residents generated 145 letters. THANK YOU!!But our work is not finished. We must now generate thousands of letters asking for this plant to be denied. Please read the following which contains information you will need to fax, e-mail or mail your signed letters. Brief Description of the Permit ApplicationCherokee County Water and Sewerage Authority (CCWSA) has requested a permit from the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) to construct a $25 Million sewage treatment plant on Cokers Chapel Road, off E. Cherokee Drive. This plant would provide sewer service to the Northeast region of Cherokee County and potentially Forsyth and Fulton Counties. According to the Metro North Georgia Water Planning District Plan, this plant will also provide treatment for wastewater produced in the Etowah Basin portions of Forsyth and Fulton Counties to effect regionalization. They will pipe raw sewerage from both of these counties all over NE Cherokee County to be brought to the plant off E. Cherokee Drive. What happens in NE Cherokee County will have a direct impact on rural Milton.In addition to the risk of sewer is the risk of high density development that will bring more students to our schools, drive up traffic counts, increase storm water run-off and negatively impact our already impaired waterways within the COOSA basin. Do we have enough water for this explosive growth?This is a perfect example of where we need to be aware and involved in what happens at our borders to ensure this unique region maintains its rural character. Many in Milton and Cherokee County believe that the introduction of sewer in rural areas may be detrimental to the infrastructure and to our way of life and do not want it brought to our rural areas. You have a chance to help stop this plant from further polluting our water and becoming a springboard to unbridled growth, but only if you act by March 2, 2008. 1. Sign the letter and print your name and address. Please have all members of your family, 18 years of age or older, sign the letter available on the BHA website. We need to have all letters returned to CCRG by 3/2/08 they will deliver them to EPD at the public hearing.

Please return signed letters by e-mail, fax or mail to:
To Scan &, Fax to: 770-735-1774

Mail to-CCRG at:

6175 Hickory Flat Hwy.,
Ste 110-324
Canton, Georgia 301152.

Plan to Attend the Public Hearing, it will be held at Canton City Hall, located at 151 Elizabeth Street, Downtown Canton, 30114, on Tuesday, March 18th. At 7:00 PM Directions: 372 North to Hwy 20. Turn left and stay on Hwy 20 straight into the city of Canton. This becomes N. Main St. Stay in the left lane. It's a one way street so you'll have to U-turn just past the firestation to head up the other side which is W. Main Street. Turn right onto S.Church Street (across from the gazebo) and then turn right onto Elizabeth Street. Parking in rear and all along side streets.

Upcoming Rezonings-

Review Site Plans at the Community Zoning Information Meeting, Wednesday, 2/27 at 7PM, Details

U08-002 / VC08-002 - Stars Soccer 14295 Birmingham Highway JRM Soccer

To increase the number of soccer fields from five to six, allow practice area, four tennis courts, soccer maintenance shed, the lighting of three soccer fields, and building to house gymnasium, pool, indoor soccer field, indoor multi-purpose field, showers, cafeteria and accessory uses. The applicant is also requesting a four-part concurrent variance:1) Increase building setback from 30' to 1,250' (Article 12.H.3.5.C.2.)2) Increase building size from 25,000 square feet to 49,500 square feet (Article 12.H.3.5.A.2.)3) Reduce 75' buffer and 10' improvement setback on south, east, and north property lines (Article 12.H.3.5.A.2.)4) Allow parking between the building and street (Article 12.H.3.5.F.3.)

U08-003NEC Cogburn and Bethany Bend The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints To request a use permit for a 16,558 square feet church with 352 seats, at a density of 2,759.6 square feet per acre on approximately 6.01 acres.


Anonymous said...

It's about time the BHA took a stand on the most important issue that faces Milton right now! Next, our City Council - please. Rise above politics, roll up your sleeves and get working on a better solution than another school in a rural area that our citizens don't need in the first place. Milton High School is OUR alma mater!

Anonymous said...

How long have you lived here, rural left this area 20 years ago.

Milton has been my alma mater for more than 50 years. My four children are Milton grads.

We've fought our battles with BOE and now it is your turn.

Are you a member of BHA, if not don't expect them to do your bidding.

Anonymous said...

Rural left Milton? Then what is it we have currently?

Thanks for the baton, we'll run with it.

Anonymous said...

Rural = sparsely settled or agriculture country.

You are welcome to the baton.

Anonymous said...

Rural "flavor" = Milton
Who takes the baton now?

Anonymous said...

Last I heard was Poster #3 was running with baton, guess he/she still has it.

Artificial rural flavor = Milton, you know like artificial vanilla flavoring, which is not a bad thing, just not original.

Miltonville said...

You have to admit, this discussion is getting pretty funny with that last post!

I guess I'm just another wannabe original vanilla ruralite. Dunno how to throw a baton tho. Wasn't a cheerleader either (until I moved here :-)


Anonymous said...

Patti, no offense, but it is obivious "you are not from round here are you", as we local yocals always asked strangers. Drew this conclusion when you've referred to men and women as "guys".

In later years a retired basketball coach from Old Milton High, when he and his wife went out to eat and the waiter/waitress referred to them as "guys", he responded: I am a guy, point to his wife and say, and she is a lady.

I do admire your honesty in being a wannabe original vanilla ruralite. Keep on keeping on, there may be hope for you after all. At least you don't say "YOUSE GUYS"

Anonymous said...

If you live in San Fran, but are from the North East and use the term "guys" over there what does that mean? and how much confusion does that cause? We love you Patti!

Miltonville said...

Do you "guys" know Rowdy Yates?

To the last poster: I love you too, whoever you are. Who are you.....Who, Who, Who-Who!


Miltonville said...

BTW, San Franciscans never refer to their great city as "San Fran" or "Frisco". They get kinda uppity about that.

Anonymous said...

Sounds reasonable, coming from the left coast!

Anonymous said...

I'm the dude and my wife is the dudette and we don't know Rowdy Yates, in fact we don't know anyone named Rowdy. However, years ago, this dude knew a man fron this area referred to as Roady Bates.

Anonymous said...

bates road

Anonymous said...

the plot thickens, now we want to hear the rest of the story, Paul Harvey.

Anonymous said...

Ludlow Porch?