Thursday, June 28, 2007

Speed Limit Comment from our Forums Section

The following comment regarding speed limts was provided by one of Milton, GA's newest residents in our Forums Section. On behalf of everyone at; We would like to welcome this new resident home!

"If you want to talk speed limits, you need enforcement and I would agree with the 40 or 45 mph. recommendations. A good convenient start of enforcing such standards would be relatively easy since Milton's own police department resides on the Deerfield Parkway. The speed of cars on this parkway on most days easily exceeds 45 mph; as recent residents of Milton, my wife and I usually take strolls on the sidewalks of this parkway; we feel that when we cross the parkway, we are at HIGH RISK. It seems the parkway would be highly convenient for the Milton Police Department to patrol, saving a great deal expense on gas, and generating some revenue, and insuring the safety of its residents. It's just a matter of time for a hit and run."

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