Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Citizen Deputy Program Fosters Community Pride

Volunteers to help with code enforcement, target illegal signs in right-of-way

Are you concerned about the environment, health, safety, property values and general well-being in the City of Milton? If so, you are an ideal candidate to serve as a volunteer “Citizen Deputy.”The city’s Community Development office is launching a Citizen Deputy Program, in which citizens assist city employees with the removal of illegal signage within the right-of-way as well as reporting zoning and other code violations. This effort provides an addition tool to protect the city’s environmental and aesthetic integrity.The program is designed to educate residents about city codes and zoning and involve them in the code enforcement process; and to identify, report and follow-up on violations. In addition to illegal signs, some of the other code violations addressed by Citizen Deputies include:

Dilapidated, fire damaged, open and vacant residential and commercial properties
Illegal car repairs
Junk vehicles
Missing addresses
Parking on grass
Vacant and overgrown lots

All volunteers will participate in a city-specific training session.“The Citizen Deputy Program will result in cleaner, safer neighborhoods; improved property values; development of lasting relationships with our residents and identification of community resources,” said Community Development Director Tom Wilson.If you are interested in becoming a Citizen Deputy, call 678.242.2500

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