Friday, November 02, 2012

There's a lot to be thankful for.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

It’s November, so in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I want to take some time this month and talk about those things for which I am always thankful. I know it’s not too original, but I think it’s always worth giving thanks for the abundance of good things in our lives.

First on my list has got to be friends and family. I recently was lucky enough to give a good friend of mine who is a longtime business owner in Milton some recognition for a decade of service to the community. Dr. J. Hannis Mize has owned Little River Animal Hospital on Birmingham Highway since 2002, and in his years of ownership he’s done a lot of good work for the community, including fundraisers and fall festivals for local families in need.

I’m glad to call him my friend, and I’m thankful Milton has an army of business owners just like him who not only run quality establishments, but give of themselves so that others might find success, as well.

Second, I’d like to give thanks that Milton’s government is in a position to give this community what it needs, and frankly, deserves. Throughout November, we’ll continue paving our roads and working toward safer intersections across the city. We’ll also be in the final stages of work to open the first park project the city has undertaken, which is in Crabapple between Crabapple Crossing and Northwestern Middle schools. Though we’re gladly moving away from the national financial crisis of a few years ago, we’re not out of the woods yet by a longshot. That we can provide these services to residents is a testament to the relationship between a responsible government and its responsible citizens.

Third, I’d like to give thanks to the many volunteers we have working behind the scenes at City Hall to create the sense of community I see growing every day. Whether it’s Councilman Bill Lusk and his volunteers working on the veterans’ markers, or Milton Police Sgt. Andrew Phillips helping organize a motorcycle ride for a local boy, or the Milton Grows Green Committee working to make sure residents have a bulky trash day, it all contributes to that intangible feeling of Milton that we all know so well.

I know you’ve felt it – maybe it was at your child’s school, or in your neighborhood, or at Bell Memorial Park. It’s a feeling that this place is special, that’s its people are friendly and giving and good, and that you belong here, in your hometown.

If we can accomplish that, then we truly have something for which to be thankful.

Sincerely, Mayor Joe Lockwood

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