Monday, June 25, 2012

Crabapple plan taking shape.


The policy tools for City of Milton to implement the Crabapple Visioning Study, which foresees a bustling, aesthetically uniform city center in the historic crossroads area, are now part of the city’s zoning laws.

At its June 18 meeting, Milton’s City Council passed ordinances establishing transfer of development rights and an overlay district for Crabapple allowing planners to enforce form-based coding principles. These two zoning tools mean Milton can now create a uniform, community-approved aesthetic in the area while protecting the surrounding open spaces from development.

To view new laws, click here. This packet of information is also available during normal business hours at Milton’s City Hall, located at 13000 Deerfield Parkway, suite 107.

“These innovative zoning tools will allow the city to implement the Crabapple Visioning Study’s village concept,” said Kathy Field, director of Community Development. “Now, development in the area can reflect the community’s architectural ideals and be confined to those areas with existing infrastructure, meaning protection of precious green space.”

Monday’s vote caps more than two years of work to create the vision and framework for an ideal Crabapple. In 2010, Lew Oliver Inc. Wholetown Solutions created the Crabapple Visioning Study after numerous meetings with residents, planners, citizen volunteers and elected officials. Then, in December 2011, Field and Community Development staff began meeting with Crabapple residents and business owners to craft a new type of zoning district that fit the area’s unique nature.

For more information on form-based code and transfer of development rights, contact City Planner Robyn MacDonald at 678-242-2540 or

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