Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Poll Up.

All -

We have a new poll listed. This month's question ask:

Do You Approve Of The Council Members Who Are Up For Re-Election Supporting Each Other?

Have your say in the upper right corner today!

Our past survey asked:

Will The Lowering Of Speed Limits Slow People Down?

The results were as follows:

Yes - 32%
No - 68%


Anonymous said...

The only reason they're playing nice now is to get each others voters. Lusk and Thurman haven't changed, have they? Were Lusk and Thurman at Tina's party supporting her like they said they were doing now to be unified. They know they must get Joe and Tina's (aka Julie's) voters in order to win against anyone who might run against them. Anyone know if there are new candidates in their districts?

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine that there is anyone in Milton or anywhere who doesn't see this as nothing more than a ploy - it's all for show/votes. It's all about them, not for the citizens. I guess the question is - is it working?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they should not be working together. It should be all about not supporting each other.

Anonymous said...

Everyone, including council, should be able to work for or against and vote for or against whomever they please.