Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Milton student fearful after alleged attack.

Danielle Giovannitti, the editor of The Bear Witness, told Channel 2's Mike Petchenik the attack happened Dec. 6 at Cambridge High School in Milton during a newspaper staff meeting.

Courtesy Mike Petchenik;

FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — An alleged attack over a high school newspaper assignment has ended with one student facing charges and the other fearful for her own safety.

"I had asked the other student if she would stay after for our editor's meeting because she never stays after, and she did not like that I asked her to do this," she told Petchenik.

Then, according to a police report, the high school junior charged at Giovannitti, pushing a cup of ice cream with plastic spoon into her face, causing a laceration near her eye.

"She proceeded to grab me by my hair and throw me on the floor and in the process my head hit a cabinet on the side and I had a bump on my head," she said.

Fulton County School police charged the juvenile suspect with battery, simple assault, and disruption of a public school. Giovannitti said the girl was removed from the school for the remainder of the semester, but since then, has bragged on Twitter that she would be back after the Christmas break.

"She said: 'I don't care if you call the cops, I'm going to kill her,'" said Giovannitti of the threats she claims the student made to her on the day of the alleged attack. "I'm scared that if she can attack me on a whim like that, I'm scared she'll make good on that threat."

Giovannitti's father, Tony, showed Petchenik a temporary protective order he took out against the suspect, which requires her to stay 200 yards from his daughter. But, Tony Giovannitti said he's concerned school officials will allow the suspect back into school on Monday.

"It seems like principal (Ed) Spurka is quite confident that the protective order doesn't apply to his school and that's quite frightening," he said.

Giovannitti said he sent emails to several school officials but did not hear back.

"I would think they would send me some signal to say this person isn't going back to that school and they have not done that," he said

The school’s principal told Petchenik he was still “working on the issue” and hoped to have resolution by Friday. He said a decision had not yet been made about whether the student would be returning to class at Cambridge High School.

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